Blockchain is an incorruptible digital ledger of economic transactions that can be programmed to record not just financial transactions but virtually everything of value. It is widely considered the most disruptive invention since the Internet itself.
We at Keystrata Inc, as a part of our ‘Digital Transformation’ service can provide you with the state of the art Blockchain Technology so that your business can fully exploit the benefits of a smooth, efficient and fully distributed digital trail of all transactions. Capitalizing on our Ethereum capabilities and bitcoin understanding, we can build a Hyperledger-based blockchain for businesses.

Advantages of adopting Blockchain Technology

  • Increased transparency of transactions to all parties involved
  • Reduced end to end service duration
  • Tamperproof and safe record of all transactions
  • Eliminating cumbersome back office processes


Applications of Blockchain Technology
The Blockchain Technology can be brought to use in a wide range of financial and non-financial applications serving a diverse purposes in each industry. 

Why Keystrata Inc.?
With established excellence in the field of ISMAC and digital integration, our additional capabilities in the Ethereum platform can support enterprises adopt this new technology and achieve superior results. We offer

a) Integration

  • Blockchain Architecture
  • Use case identification
  • Revamping Business Models


b) Functioning support

  • Integration with operations
  • Performance testing and scalability
  • Data Security


c) Research activities

  • Blockchain Technology Research
  • PoC and Pilot Projects