Whether you need to re-design your data warehouse, build a data warehouse from scratch for small data marts for your business or even a large data warehouse for your enterprise, Keystrata will design and architect the right data warehouse solution for you leveraging Kimball lifecycle methods and our industry best practices providing optimal value and Return On Investment.

One of the common misconceptions is that a successful data warehouse needs expensive tools. While some tools will provide value such as Teradata, Netezza, or SQL Server, they do not always provide clear ROI. A more valuable data mart can often be developed with nothing more than a good design and simple tools like Microsoft Access given the data size of your environment.

Organizations are often faced with difficult decisions on whether to build proprietary or buy data warehouse tools such as ETL software or OLAP programs. Keystrata, having experience in both large scale enterprise data warehouses and small scale niche company data warehouses, will assess which data warehousing and ETL tools are best suited for your needs and company objectives allowing you to validate your ROI. 

Data Warehouse Platforms supported:

Data Warehouse & Database Platforms supported:

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